Elima-Matic® technology

Versa-Matic® continues to raise the standard of performance in Diaphragm pumps: The next generation in Elima-Matic® technology now includes a Shoe Valve design. That means in addition to non-stalling, non-icing, lube-free operation, Elima-Matic pumps also avoid blow-by when the pump is online but not running. The Shoe Valve can be retrofitted to all original Elima-matic pumps.

Performance Reliability
Elima-Matic pumps are designed to reduce downtime by ensuring continuous, reliable performance. They self-prime, can handle infinite variable flows that are up to 90% solids. They are also capable of operating as low as one stroke per minute.

Easily Maintained
You'll find Elima-Matic pumps also simplify your maintenance efforts: They have only two easily accessible centre block o-rings – some competitor pumps have as many as seven! The pilot shaft o-rings come out as a complete assembly and are easily replaced without the use of any tools. The air valve can also be worked on without stripping the pump's centre section.

Elima-matic pumps virtually eliminate pumping problems to keep your operation running smoothly.