Submersible Pumps

Versa-Matic offers a line of reliable submersible pumps that offer a broad range of options, from size to pressure to flow rate. Our submersible pumps are driven by compressed air, are small enough to fit into tight places, and can deliver high flow or high pressure depending on the pumping situation. We offer a number of pumps that let you choose the features you need:

Available Pumps:

  • Porta-Matic™
    A handy portable unit that pumps everything from ditches to drains
  • AP50
    Ideally suited for dewatering applications that require higher head pressures
  • SludgeMaster™
    Pump everything from mud and leaves to sand and solids without clogging up

comparison chart

  Power Source Weight Minimum Opening Maximum
Flow Rate
Head Pressure
Materials of
Porta-Matic 12V auto battery 33 lbs. 10" diameter 43 gpm 25' vertical Aluminum
AP50 Air-driven 71 lbs. 16" diameter 125 gpm 100' vertical Cast Iron
SludgeMaster Air-driven 59 lbs. 14" diameter 300 gpm 65' vertical Cast Iron