Versa-Tuff diaphragm

Standardise on one diaphragm for alll applications —Versa-Matic's Versa-Tuff PTFE Diaphragms work for nearly all types of fluid. Combining the chemical resistance of PTFE with the flex life of rubber diaphragms, Versa-Tuff Diaphragms have nearly three times the burst strength of ordinary PTFE overlays (2 piece diaphragm sets). This is possible because PTFE overlay is 100% bonded to a reinforcing rubber backing, supporting the diaphragm evenly with every stroke.

Versa-Tuff PTFE Diaphragms. . .

  • have a longer flex life than two-piece conventional diaphragms
  • impart greater impact and tensile strength than standardoverlays
  • use the same shaft and plates as standard two-piece diaphragms sets
  • are interchangeable with Wilden® 1-1/4", 2" & 3" clamp band style pumps