Ultramatic products

U2 - 2" Bolted Plastic Pumps Select either the side- or center-mounted discharge port for leak-free pumping.
U2 - 2" Bolted Metallic Pumps Choose either the vertical or horizontal discharge for leak-free pumping that fits your application.
U2 - 2" Clamped Metallic Pumps Expedite the teardown process with the clamped pump configuration.
U2 - 2" Bolted Aluminum Pumps Benefit from aluminum’s light weight and the most solid feet in the industry.
U2 - 2" Food Processing Pumps Depend on electro-polished wetted components and easy-to-clean connections designed especially for food applications.
U2 - 2" Flap Valve Pumps Pump solids and disassemble this aluminum pump with ease.


Get all the benefits of ultra-efficient pumping with Versa-Matic’s Ultra-Matic U2 2" pumps. Available in bolted and clamped configurations, these pumps are designed to eliminate costly air leakage and extend in-service life for a lower total cost of ownership. Easy to install and maintain, the pumps feature chemical-resistant materials such as stainless steel, ceramic, polypropylene and PVDF to further reduce repair costs and extend service life.