Ultramatic® technology

Versa-Matic's Ultra-Matic air valve technology enables reliable, efficient pump performance. With its simple, robust design, the pump ensures easy maintenance and long-lasting service.

How it Works
The inner diaphragm plate moves the pilot shaft, directing compressed air to one end of the valve spool and holding it there for on / off reliability. The valve spool then actuates the ceramic air diverter, directing pressurised air into the air chamber and behind the exhaust valve on that side, holding it closed. U-cup seals, lapped ceramic valve components and inset track gaskets prevent expensive air leakage.

As pressure is relieved from the opposing exhaust valve, it opens and exhausts the air chamber pressure to the atmosphere. Rapidly exhausting air from behind the diaphragm allows for greater displacement per stroke. The linear air flow improves air efficiency and eliminates the risk of air valve contamination from the air chamber. When the pilot shaft completes its stroke, it shifts again and the process repeats on the other side. The quick pump changeover helps reduce pulsation and keeps liquids in motion.

Ultramatic® benefits

Value Upgrades
Upgrade your existing bolted or clamped Versa-Matic or clamped Wilden® 2" pump with an Ultra-Matic centre section. Easy to install, the Ultra-Matic centre section provides a low-cost solution for improving the efficiency, flow rate and service life of your pump. Each three-piece centre air chamber is available in a variety of chemical-resistant materials and coatings, allowing for use in even the most aggresive applications. Each upgrade kit comes complete with a new main shaft.

Longer Life
Versa-Matic's U2 pumps are engineered for durability, thus lowering your total cost of ownership. The single-piece stainless-steel pilot shaft and self-lubricating seals and O-rings extend the in-service life of the pumps. Precision low-friction bearing surfaces help reduce wear and tear and the need for servicing.

Easy Maintenance
When parts do need replacing, the simple U2 pump design allows for easy maintenance. To minimise labour, the air valve can be accessed while the pump is inline. Plus, the air side wear components can be replaced easily with standard tools, and the pilot components can be removed as a simple assembly.

The Ultra-Matic pumps are truly designed to provide reliable pumping with ultra efficiency.